Vitebsk Regional Museum
of the Hero of the Soviet Union M.F. Shmyrev"

Continuous exhibition about the life and work of the Hero of the Soviet Union, honorary citizen of Vitebsk, M. F. Shmyrev.

Museum of M. P.  Shmyrev The museum offers the following services:

  • General & specific based tours of the museum’s exposition;
  • Lectures on the history of the partisan movement in the Vitebsk region;
  • Museum and educational lessons for students;
  • Historical information about the partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945;
  • Traveling exhibitions;
  • Use of the museum’s library;
  • Showing of the films: «Бацька Мінай» a documentary, and the artistic film «Батька».

Telephone: +375 212 485168; +375 212 485015
Official Site:
Address: 210026 Belarus, Vitebsk, 4 Chehov Street
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